Happy New Year!

We will be coming back from our holiday break next Monday, but in the meantime we have a fun interview with comedian Paul Silverman to tide you over.

Here's his bio:

  • Semi professional comedian.
  • Hashtag games aficionado.
  • Winner of best male lead in a short film in the 2016 Finnish short film festival.
  • Creator of Pun Intended, a game show designed to put puns in the spotlight and reward not only the contestants but also include and stimulate audience participation.
  • Producer of comedy shows designed to showcase local talent with the ulterior motive of making sure comedians get paid actual money as opposed to the BS of the promise of "exposure."
  • Staunch defender of puns/ wordplay as a legitimate form of entertainment.
  • Stubborn as a mule. But not a drug mule. Those people seem pretty desperate.

We also encourage you to check out some of the people mentioned in the podcast, including:

Not to mention the classics:

Remember that the Punoff is in Austin on May 11th, 2019, and we also want to give special thanks to the band Dark Meat, whose music ("When the Killers Came") we use for interstitials.

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