Episode 14: Punderball

Heads up: There's a touch of ribald humor in this episode. We try to be family friendly, but the occasional double on taun-taun slips in. We like to think that if your kids get them, that's on you, not us. 

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  • What was that woman's name, anyway?
  • Do you like the new name of our panel, "The Punnel?"
  • Can you come up with any movie titles we should have used in Schmovie? Like one for a movie about "a sloppy granny?"

Mentioned in the podcast:

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This week's panelists are:

  • Aaron Fasel
  • Gary Hallock
  • David Gugenheim
  • Andy Balinsky
  • Geraldine or something

And don't forget to remember that the next International O. Henry Pun-Off is in Austin on May 11th, 2019. We also want to give special thanks to the band Dark Meat, whose music ("When the Killers Came") we have come to love to use in our podcast.

We'll see you next week!

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