Episode 21: Shoemaker

Just a reminder that we'll be moving to a twice-monthly schedule for the foreseeable future, but hopefully we'll be back to a weekly schedule later in 2020.

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  • This episode was done with some of the regulars, plus special guest Bart Brehob
  • We discuss how to win the O. Henry Pun-Off in Austin, including the impact of the use of props and politics! 
  • We'd love to hear from you if you have some advice or questions about the Pun-Off

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This week's panelists are:

  • David Gugenheim
  • Aaron Fasel
  • Gary Hallock
  • Arun Debry
  • Bart Brehob

We want to give special thanks to the band Dark Meat, whose music ("When the Killers Came") we have come to love to use in our podcast.

We'll see you in two weeks! (and please rate us on iTunes!)

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